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We are a family cattery dedicated in breeding of Bengal, Havana Brown and Khao Manee kittens.  We are located in Drummondville (in Quebec, Canada), and we are only 1 hour away from Montreal, 1h50 from Quebec City, 50 minutes from Sherbrooke, 3h00 from Ottawa & Gatineau, and 6h30 from Toronto.


Our cattery started in 2007 with the breeding of Abyssinian cats, and we stopped breeding this breed in 2011-2012..


Afterwards, we discovered the Bengal cat breed.  We were immediately seduced by the wild and mysterious beauty of this magnificent breed, contrasting with their affectionate, playful and very sociable character.  So it was in 2008 that the Bengals were added to the Cattery.


In 2011, we had the opportunity to take over an Havana Brown cattery.  It is such a rare breed in the world, with such an exceptional temperament and such a unique color, that we could not resist to seize this opportunity.


Then in 2019, wanting to take up a new challenge by integrating a new, little known breed, we began the reduction of our Bengal breeding, in order to gradually introduce a 3rd breed.  Our goal was to offer a greater diversity of breeds available in Quebec and Canada.  Nothing is more interesting for visitors of a cat show than to have the opportunity to see a beautiful and wide variety of different cat breeds.  So we started looking for an exceptional breed that was different from other cat breeds and that was not very common in Quebec and Canada.  Having always wanted a white cat, our choice stopped on the Khao Manee, especially since it is a natural breed, and is originally from Thailand.  And what about the exceptional eyes of these cats, which are perceived as jewels by the Thai people.



  Our Cattery

Our Cattery is registered with CCC (Chats Canada Cats), TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and CCA (Canadian Cat Association).  All our cats are vaccinated, dewormed and have tested negative for FIV / FeLV (Feline AIDS + Feline Leukemia).


Our cats Bengal, Havana Brown and Khao Manee are first and foremost our pets.  The kittens and their parents live freely with us in the house, in a cage-free environment.  Of course, the Males live separately from the Females, there are rooms dedicated to the Females, and other rooms for the Moms who have just given birth to their kittens (Maternity).


We take the health and well-being of our cats to heart, that's why our Moms only have one or two litters a year.  We put the quality of our litters ahead of quantity.


One of our main concerns is the sociable and affectionate character of our kittens.  Also, they are handled every day, from the first days following the birth, in order to make sure of their good temperament.


The kittens that leave our cattery are perfectly socialized as much with humans as with other cats.  They also have a contact with our 2 companion dogs, Ginger (our Fox Terrier 7 years old) and Cannelle (our Airedale 2.5 years old), as well as with our 3 parakeets (Kiwi, Zaza and Kiki).


We are passionate breeders, focused on health, sociability, conformity to the standard of each of the 3 breeds we breed, as well as the beauty of our kittens and their parents.


It is also important to know that we do not live from cattery activities.  Indeed, we work full time, which allows us to offer "everything necessary" to our adult cats and kittens;  we breed kittens out of passion.



 Why do we spay/ neuter all our kittens?

All our pet kittens are spayed or neutered before they leave the cattery to avoid overpopulation.  Also, studies show that neutering kittens at a young age has no negative impact on their health, development or behavior.



 Why do our kittens only leave our cattery at the age of 4.5 months?

We do not let our kittens leave our cattery until they are 4.5 months old (18 weeks).  Two major reasons encourage us to continue in this direction.


The first is the health of the kitten.  The kitten is less likely to develop diseases, since it will have received and developed all the antibodies necessary for its good health and development, via its mother's milk and our vaccination program, especially since our kittens receive their 3rd and last vaccine at 16 weeks of age, according to the protocol established by the American Association of Feline Practioners.  You can learn more about the AAFP by visiting the ''Links'' page of our website, and about the vaccination recommendations for cats by following this link: 


The second reason is that the kitten needs a certain balance during its socialization period.  A change of environment and a too quick break from his mother and the other kittens of his litter at a too young age could lead to possible behavioral problems for the kitten.


In short, we want to give our kittens the best possible start, so that they will have a healthy life once in their family.



Do you know the Khao Manee?
(The video is only available in French but we publish it on this page anyway because some of you understand French)


Connaissez-vous les Khao Manee? ???


Do you know the Havana Brown?
(The video is only available in French but we publish it on this page anyway because some of you understand French)

Connaissez-vous les Havana Brown? ???








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