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 Here is some short videos to watch, which we often refer to regarding the litter box (dimensions, location, the number of litter boxes to have in the house), or when the cat defecates outside the litter box.


 The videos have been made by Jackson Galaxy, and it are meant to be simple, fun and humorous :)


 Have a good viewing!



You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong!



 Papillons Bleus



Tips to Help with Litter Box Problems with Jackson Galaxy



 Papillons Bleus



You Need More Litter Boxes



 Papillons Bleus



Does Your Cat Hate the Litter Box?



 Papillons Bleus



Why Does Your Cat Pee Out of the Litter Box?



 Papillons Bleus



Cat's Pee Problem Is Turning Owners House Into A Litter Box! | My Cat From Hell



 Papillons Bleus



Litter box Problems: Cats covering poop




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