Khao Manee Pet Kitten


The selling price of our Khao Manee kittens has been established as follows:

  • $1650** for a kitten in non-standard colors (other than white)
  • $2000** CAD for a White kitten with blue, golden (''Yellow'') or copper eyes (''Orange'')
  • $2200** CAD for a white kitten with odd or green eyes


 A $400 deposit (non-refundable) is required to confirm the reservation of a kitten.


All our pet kittens are sold spayed and microchipped.  Kittens are also sold registered with the CCC – Chats Canada Cats, as they are purebred Khao Manee kittens.


At the time of departure, the kittens were spayed/ neutered, microchipped and received 3 vaccines and 3 deworming treatments.  The kittens were also examined 4 times by the Veterinarian.  The kitten's veterinarian's health record as well as a departure bag containing a blanket, a few familiar toys, and a bag of food for the first 5 days are also given to you when the kitten leaves for his new home.  In addition, a health insurance for your kitten is offered to you free of charge, for a period of 6 weeks.


  ** Sales taxes are not included. 

* * All prices are subject to change without notice.




 *** We do NOT sell any kittens with breeding rights ***





Complete Health Guarantee


All kittens leave the Cattery with a 7 days viral health guarantee and a 1 year guarantee against birth defects.



*** We do not offer any mating service ***



 ** Please note that Sales Taxes are applicable on our prices **

 Due to COVID-19, we accept payments

by e-Transfer only

 We no longer accept cash or checks

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Last edited: Thursday, 14 december 2023